Personal Development

Ongoing Practice & Personal Growth

The AntiRacist Alliance is recommending many different workshops run by accomplished trainers and organizers within our vast network who have committed themselves to the lifelong practice of Antiracism.

Center for the Study
of White American Culture

Decentering Whiteness &
Building Multiracial Community

Decentering Whiteness & Building Multiracial Community is a virtual workshop offered in three segments, two hours each. This workshop offers a strategic model developed by CSWAC on how the racial structure of our society might be changed in a way that is fair and equitable to all. We call the model Decentering Whiteness and Building Multiracial Community. In brief, we believe our society should be centered on a multiracial culture and white culture needs to be moved from its central position, or decentered. Hosted by Center for the Study of White American Culture.

White Accountability & Organizing

White Accountability and Organizing is a three part virtual workshop with each session meeting for 2 hours each week. Participants must have taken one of the following: What White People Can Do About Racism, Part 1 workshop offered by CSWACUndoing Racism and Community Organizing workshop offered by the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond, Racial Equity Workshop Phase 1 offered by the Racial Equity Institute or have equivalent training and experience. Hosted by Center for the Study of White American Culture.

Raising Anti-Racist
White Children

Raising Anti-Racist White Children is a three part virtual workshop with each session meeting for 2 hours each week. An online, live interactive workshop for parents and educators offering information and guidance on how to prepare white children in our increasingly multiracial society. The workshop encourages the development of an anti-racist outlook in all children, and focuses on the particular experience of raising white children. Hosted by the Center for the Study of White American Culture.

The Arc of
White Womanhood

The Arc of White Womanhood is a virtual 7-part workshop with each segment running two hours hosted by longtime antiracist, social work practitioners. “White Women: Privileged and Oppressed; Powerful and Invisible; Mothers of White Supremacy and Warriors for Racial Justice. Let's learn together and empower ourselves to claim our full womanity! This workshop is designed for white women (including trans women and nonbinary people) who are concerned with issues of white womanhood and racism. Facilitated through the lens of two cis white women looking to challenge the ways white feminism shows up in and is perpetuated by white cis gender women.”

Racial Literacy
Consultation Group

Racial Literacy Consultation Group is a six part virtual experience meeting for 90 minutes each of the 6 weeks. The Racial Literacy Consultation Group aims to strengthen the helping people's capacity to understand and respond to racial dynamics. Internalized racial oppression racialized sexual fantasies, racial identity concerns, colorism, privilege, and disempowerment impact interpersonal connections. Being able to honestly examine race-related issues enhances personal and professional self-confidence.

Latinx Challenges
Towards Racial Justice

Latinx Challenges Toward Racial Justice “is a two-day workshop led by Dr. Raúl Quiñones-Rosado, María I. Reinat-Pumarejo, and Annie Rodriguez designed for anyone who lives in or works with Latinx communities, and who seek to end racial disparities in our institutions and end racism in our society. Latinx Challenges engages participants in a critical analysis of how racism disempowers Latino, Latina, Latinx people hindering both our personal well-being and our communities’ development. The workshop offers insights into the cultural backdrop of race and racism in Latin America that shapes our identity today regardless of our place of birth. We examine how people of Latin American origin, like people of all other ethnicities, have been racialized and racially situated in the US. We deconstruct how the US Census uses “Hispanic ethnicity” and “Race” as a political instrument to engineer racial demographics. Also, we highlight how our culture, identity and histories of struggle are vital sources of strength for Latinx individuals, families and communities. Throughout, we emphasize how racism divides Latinos and African Americans, undermining cross-racial solidarity required to create racial equity and to strengthen our growing multi-racial, multicultural, multi-generational movement for social transformation.” LatinX Challenges is offered in Spanish and English. Everyone is welcome.