Take this Imaginary Journey into White American Culture……

       We internalize it...silently, unconsciously, automatically

       It was here before we came

       We had nothing to do with creating it

     Designed many years ago we are born into it and live it without much thought

       It is what we consider “NORMAL”

      The media exports images and knowledge of our ways all over the world

    Others can delineate White American culture with greater ease and clarity than we can.


Allow your minds eye to focus on the first image that comes to mind….just notice it….UNCENSORED


Give thought to our


Christmas, Easter, fourth of July, thanksgiving, St Patrick’s day, Memorial Day, President’s Day

Who is being celebrated?


Religious Institutions?

What images do you see?

Who are the leaders?  Who are the Followers?  What are the major and minor religions

Can you see the icons?  Who is on the Christian cross?



Who are the chancellors, principals, leaders in education?

What is the CORE curriculum?

Who speaks English?   Who doesn’t?

Can you imagine someone who cannot speak PROPER ENGLISH? Is s/he seen as intelligent?

Who teaches?

Who cooks, cleans and protects at your school?

Where are the well funded schools located?  Who are the students?

The under funded schools...What do these students  look like?



Now go into one of those skyscrapers and into one of those boardrooms.  One of those fortune 500 companies…those fortune 500 who have made a fortune. Who is in the room?  Who is not there? Who is at the boardroom table?  Making decisions?  Now go into the stores?  Who owns the stores?  Who works there? Bloomingdales, the local grocer? The local shoe store?



Who are our star?

Who are our heroes?

Who are the bad guys?

Who are the experts on those news discussions?  Who is not there?

What about beautiful- who is beautiful??

What do you see in the current magazines, TV images, models, runway..


Legal System?

Can you see the supreme court…who is there?

Who are the Best attorneys?  Who owns the top Law firms

Who are the judges?

The police…imagine the local officer in your neighborhood?

Who are Prison guards?



Military and POLICE

When you call for help…who do you want to appear?

Someone is running?  Who is running and who is chasing??



We have the best……

Who would you want working on your heart?

 Best hospitals  where

 Best doctors  who

Best teaching institutions who are the students

Where do they work?




Who writes classical music?  What do they look like where are they from

Who writes the world’s best literature?  Who are they?  Where are they from?

Great painters. Pictures.  Where are they from?


What images come up for you when I say  ….artifact?  Folk artwork?  Primitive art?


Dress for success?

Now picture someone dressed in bold colors and large prints…going off to work?  Is this dress for success?


Can you see your county representative, your mayor?

Envision the senate?  The congress of the United States?

Go to the White House…see the rooms filled with pictures of past presidents.

Who are they and what do they look like?



Final Question??

What about the Office of the Presidency of the United States? 

When was it that you first realized that you could never be the President of the United States?            


In this way the dominance- the supremacy of white culture is silently-subtly and constantly reinforced


If you see yourself in those images you may not question the fairness


Those who are not included  also internalize the dominance and the supremacy of whiteness…in this way ….just maintaining the status quo is considered hostile for people of color…


Revised: August 24, 2003 .